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November Project Update

Throughout the month of October, the public had several opportunities give feedback on the ‘big moves’ that are recommended for Regina to achieve its net-zero target by 2050. The moves form the basis for the low-carbon actions that will be outlined in the final Framework when it is presented to Council in early 2022. The moves focus on the following:

  • Retrofitting existing buildings
  • Net-zero new construction
  • Fuel switching our heating
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Reducing vehicle emissions
  • Increasing active transportation and transit use
  • Cleaning and re-energizing industry

The project team and consulting partner, SSG, hosted a Virtual Student Forum on October 14. Over 250 high school students from across Regina attended the three morning sessions. This was followed by a Virtual Community Forum on October 19 with over 60 members of the community attending.

Two more Community Advisory Group workshops have been held since mid-October. SSG also conducted several focus group interviews with stakeholders in a variety of industry, community equity and other sectors to discuss and better understand opportunities and challenges related to the ‘big moves.’

More than 700 residents participated in the Renewable Regina Community Survey from October 19 to November 1. Results will be shared as part of the Framework report presented to Council.

What’s Next?

The project is getting close to the finish line. The next step is for SSG to complete financial modelling for the proposed path to net-zero and prepare the final report. It is expected that the draft report will be completed by the end of the year.

Consultation has concluded

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