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Consultant Hired to Begin Technical Research

The City of Regina has awarded the contract for third-party consultant services to support development of the Energy & Sustainability Framework.

Sustainability Solutions Group (SSG), a firm well known for completing similar frameworks for approximately 60 communities throughout Canada, has been hired. The scope of the firm’s work will include a community-wide energy use and emissions inventory, creating reduction targets and producing scenarios that model policy choices and actions for the next 30 years.

SSG will use a six-phase process that has become widely accepted for energy and sustainability planning, and which includes public engagement at various points of the planning. The City of Regina is committed to ensuring that the Energy & Sustainability Framework also builds on work already being done in the community and is informed by a broad, diverse and inclusive range of stakeholders. The Community Advisory Group, which represents many of those stakeholder groups, will be finalized in the coming weeks.

The Energy & Sustainability Framework and Action Plan will outline the steps needed to achieve a renewable Regina by 2050, including actions focused on land use and transportation planning, development and building permit guidelines, energy efficient building design, waste management, energy conservation, regulatory and financial tools, among other components.

A total of six proposals were received from third-party consultants interested in helping develop the Framework. SSG is completing the work for just under $230,000 and is beginning immediately.

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Consultation has concluded

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