Why is this important now?

    There are a few reasons: 

    • Below and above-ground infrastructure along this section of Scarth Street is in need of some upgrades, so the timing presents some exciting opportunities to look at improvements to this space as a whole. 
    • The City’s downtown is the core of Regina and has unrealized potential and. As such, we are exploring options to activate and attract more residents to these sites to bring vitality back to the area. To do so, we need to revitalize the spaces so they are more inviting, flexible and meet the current needs of businesses and residents. 
    • The City is also embarking on a project to revitalize 11th Avenue and upgrade aging underground infrastructure.  Aligning the timing of the two projects to coordinate would mean less impacts to residents and businesses over a shorter amount of time. 

    What are the desired outcomes of this project?

    Upgraded infrastructure, enhanced landscaping and lighting, improved safety, more flexibility for events and accessibility, more attractive and activated space for residents and businesses, and what better access to downtown businesses along Scarth Street could look like.

    How does this project relate with the other major projects that are currently being considered in the downtown and city core?

    The projects in the downtown are being reviewed as a whole, rather than isolated projects.  We evaluate the impact of the projects to each other, look for synergies and opportunities and are planning in a coordinated way. Other projects ongoing, or taking place in the near future include improvements to 11th Avenue, Dewdney Avenue Corridor and Saskatchewan Drive.

    What will the cost be to undertake this project?

    The anticipated cost for this project is expected to be around $4.75 million.

    What will happen with the Fafard Sculpture on Scarth Street Mall?

    The Joe Fafard sculpture, Oskana kâ-asastêki was named to honour the Cree language, commemorate the history of our land and to honour the First Nations People of this province. Administration is working with the Fafard estate to help determine the best path forward to respect the original intent of the artwork placement. No final decisions have been made concerning the sculpture for this project.

    When was Scarth Street last “Revitalized”?

    When it was converted to a “Mall” status in 1975 under the Traffic Bylaw.  Since then, minor maintenance work has taken place for undergrounds and surface repairs.  This includes the changes to some of the center features being removed and replace with brick.

    Will this project affect access to businesses?

    The hope is that it will improve access to businesses and the downtown. We are in the preliminary stages of planning what Scarth Street could look like. We will work to reduce the impact to residents and businesses much as possible during construction, and take business needs into consideration throughout all stages.

    Will this project include looking at City Square Plaza?

    This project is primarily focused on Scarth Street, but will certainly take into account the impacts on, and interconnections with, surrounding areas, such as City Square Plaza and 11th Avenue.

    How does this work tie into the Catalyst Committee work being done?

    The Catalyst Committee is aware of the major infrastructure investments being planned for the downtown and City Core, and these discussions will continue as recommendations are finalized. The objective of the Scarth Street project is to enhance the downtown, which is in alignment with the Catalyst Committee.