Summarized Priorities

Following extensive consultation and engagement with residents including people with disabilities, older adults, and their networks of support and care, the City of Regina has drafted an Accessibility Plan.

While the plan aims to centre the experiences of people with disabilities and older adults, it also recognizes that Regina residents have many intersecting abilities and identities, and that many different actions will be required to meet the accessibility needs of diverse community members.

The Plan provides a framework to advance accessibility in Regina over the next 10 years, through 60+ actions across six service delivery areas:

  1. Transportation
  2. Built Environment
  3. Communication
  4. Employment
  5. Programs, Services, and Financial
  6. Procurement

Within each service delivery area, the actions are organized into recommendations that reflect the key barriers identified through community engagement. Below is a summary of some of the top priorities throughout each service area.


  • Ongoing engagement with people with disabilities
  • Develop an inter-departmental community of practice focused on accessibility
  • Define corporate language and approach to accessibility and universal design
  • Annual reporting on progress achieved through the Plan


  • Improve Transit accessibility
    1. Disability awareness and securement training for transit, Paratransit and taxi staff
    2. Implement accessibility-related recommendations in the Regina Transit Master Plan
    3. Increase bus frequency and service hours
  • Improve accessible taxi services, including central scheduling and dispatch

Built Environment

  • Improve sidewalk and other pedestrian infrastructure
    1. Address backlog of sidewalk repairs
    2. Strategy to add sidewalks where none exist
    3. More accessible pedestrian signals
  • Improve snow removal on streets and sidewalks
  • Improve wayfinding accessibility
  • Use accessibility audits to develop City of Regina design standards
  • Improve accessibility of parks, playgrounds and open spaces
  • Address accessibility gaps in safety and emergency management


  • Make information about accessibility features of existing City facilities, services and programs more easily available in multiple formats
  • Improve the accessibility of City of Regina Communications
    1. Accessible Communication Policy
    2. Policy or best practices for providing ASL interpretation, captions and/or computerized note-taking services for City events and announcements


  • Improve staff competency related to accessibility and disability
  • Increase recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities
  • Develop and improve policies for workplace accommodations

Programs, Services and Financial

  • Improve accessibility of existing programs and services
  • Improve accessibility at City events
  • Remove barriers to accessing financial programs


  • Improve accessibility of procurement processes

The Plan includes both City-wide initiatives and targeted approaches. It builds upon ongoing work being done to respond to the identified community needs. The Plan focuses on recommendations that are not currently addressed through existing City strategies.

We are sharing the priorities with the public to ensure that we have captured your feedback accurately. If you have any questions or comments about these priorities or the What We Heard Summary, please use the Question tool. There will be an in-person consultation on Nov. 8 and a virtual consultation on Nov. 9.

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