How do I rent one?

    Download the app of one of the vendors - Bird or Neuron.

    How much will it cost to ride a shared e-scooter?

    For the shared e-scooter, it costs $1.15 to unlock it, then 39 cents per minute. Vendors also have day passes available within their apps that can offer savings if you plan to be a frequent user. 

    Who picks up the e-scooters once they are dropped off?

    The vendors, Bird and Neuron, have staff who will locate, rebalance, or reposition e-scooters as they are parked throughout the day. 

    How do I report sidewalk clutter or abandoned e-scooters?

    Concerns or reports of improper parking/clutter should be reported directly to the vendors. This can be done through the vendor's apps, or through the following: 

    BIRD (grey and blue)
          phone   1-866-205-2442

    NEURON (orange)
         phone   1-306-500-6002

    What is the minimum age to ride an e-scooter?

    The provincial regulations require that e-scooter riders be a minimum age of 16 years old. 

    Is a helmet required to ride an e-scooter?

    Yes, it is a provincial requirement that e-scooter riders wear a helmet. When using a shared e-scooter you are welcome to use your own or the one that is provided with the e-scooter. 

    What is the cost of the shared e-scooter program to the City?

    A shared e-scooter program is intended to be cost neutral for the City.

    Where do I park my e-scooter?

    E-scooters must park in one of the following areas: 

    • In an approved designated parking area
    • In legal vehicle parking areas where there is no time restrictions or parking meters present

    Please park an e-scooter in a manner that does not create a hazard or obstruction to pedestrians or traffic.

    Do not park your e-scooters:

    • Within a pay parking, loading zone, or time restricted stall unless marked as a designated e-scooter parking area 
    • Within a driving lane
    • On a pathway, or within 1.0 m of a pathway 
    • Within shrub beds or 0.5 metres of a tree 
    • Within 2.0 metres of a fire hydrant or curb crossing 
    • Directly on furniture (such as benches, garbage cans, flowerpots) located on the street, sidewalk, or pathway

    How will non-compliant e-scooter use be enforced?

    In addition with to the Traffic Bylaw, e-scooters must comply with the provincial  Traffic Safety Act, and The Limited Speed Motor Vehicle Regulations. Violations can be enforced by Regina Police Service.  

    Why are e-scooters not allowed on sidewalks?

    Sidewalk riding is prohibited to ensure safety and minimal impacts to pedestrians, accessibility users or other vulnerable people using sidewalks.


    Can you double ride on a e-scooter?

    No, the provincial regulations only allow for one person to ride an e-scooter at a time.

    What are the environmental benefits of using e-scooters?

    • E-scooters have no emissions during their use and provide the opportunity for users to exploran alternative to passenger vehicles.   

    • E-scooters support the vital first/last mile trip for public transit. 

    Where can I ride my scooter?

    • Park Pathways and Multiuse Pathways at a maximum speed limit of 15 km/h 
    • Roads with a speed limit of 50 km/h or less 
    • Designated bike lanes* 

    *Note: E-Scooters must remain within a bike lane if one is present on the road they are travelling on. 

    E-scooters cannot operate on: 

    • Roads with a speed limit over 50 km/h, unless there is a designated bike lane that the operator must remain in  
    • Sidewalks  

    Where are slow down areas?

    E-scooters must operate at a maximum speed limit of 15 km/h in slow down areas, which include: 

    • Park pathways; 
    • Multiuse pathways;  
    • Pat Fiacco Plaza; 
    • Frederick W. Hill Mall (Scarth Street)  
    • any other areas as determined by the City 

    Where do I park the Scooter once I'm done?

    In restricted parking zones, such as in downtown, park in one of several designated parking areas throughout the city. These can be found within the app, or marked with a physical mat. Your e-scooter will not let you complete your trip without parking in a designated zone. 

    Outside of restricted parking  areas, e-scooters are permitted to park in legal vehicle parking areas on the street where there are no time restrictions or parking meters present. 

    Is it against the law to ride an e-scooter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

    It is a criminal offence under Canadian Law to operate an e-scooter while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the two. If you see a rider who may be impaired or is a risk to public safety, please contact Regina Police Service.