What is Vision Zero?

    Vision Zero is a road safety initiative that began in Sweden in 1997. Its philosophy focuses on implementing a data-driven and safe systems approach to preventing traffic collisions resulting in an injury or fatality.

    What is the safe systems approach?

    A safe systems approach provides an integrated, comprehensive process to improve the safety of our transportation systems. This can be achieved through employing safe land-use planning, safe road design, safe speeds, safusers and post-crash care.

    Why is the City developing a Vision Zero Road Safety Framework?

    The City of Regina recognizes that road safety is a priority for residents and visitors in our city. framework will identify and prioritize safety initiatives and actions over a five-year period as we work our way towards eliminating injuries and fatalities within our transportation network.

    What are the focus areas of the Framework?

    Through data analysis of a five year period between 2015-2019, collisions were broken down into common factors, leading to five key focus areas. This includes: 

    • Vulnerable Road Users 

    • Aggressive Driving 

    • Impaired Driving 

    • Distracted Driving 

    • Intersections 

    For more details, please see the "Five Focus Areas” tab.

    What will the Framework’s action plan include?

    The Framework’s action plan will include road safety initiatives, projects, and programs for the framework’s five key focus areas. It will also provide collaboration opportunities between agencies within our community. 

    How will the action plan of the Framework be implemented?

    Road safety initiatives, projects, and programs that are part of the Framework’s action plan will be implemented by the City of Regina. Some actions may also be done in collaboration or with the support of a partnering agency.  

    What are the next steps in the development of the Vision Zero Road Safety Framework?

    The City will be reviewing and finalizing components of the Framework over the winterThe Framework will be brought forward to City Council in 2024 for review and approval.