What is a Grand Avenue?

    Grand Avenue is a gateway in and out of a key area of our city, which may feature robust landscaping, street furniture and enhanced design and public realm.

    Are there other Grand Avenues in Regina?

    The Regina Downtown Neighbourhood Plan designates Sask Drive, Albert Street, Broad Street and Victoria Avenue as Grand Avenues. The Victoria Avenue beautification project responds to the vision set out in the Regina Downtown Neighbourhood Plan.

    What is a Corridor Plan?

    A Corridor Plan contains policies that guide decision making along a specific roadway. These decisions could relate to street infrastructure, how land is used and the types of buildings along the street. Corridor Plans are created by the City, in collaboration with residents and stakeholders, and must be approved by City Council.

    What engagement has been done to date?

    A public survey was made available in January 2020. Adjacent landowners and stakeholders were also engaged. From the public and stakeholder feedback and best practice research, we have been working with our consultant to formulate a draft plan. That plan is now being presented at our Public Info Session on February 8 for anyone interested in attending. The Info Session presentation will be posted on this page.

    Are you planning to widen the street?

    As the project progresses we continue to evaluate and develop design solutions. With the increased traffic from both the northwest and southeast, we do anticipate there may be some widening of Sask Drive depending on the section, and there may be some intersection improvements as well.

    Will the City expropriate private land along Saskatchewan Drive?

    As the City progresses with this project, the continued value of proper acquisition may be evaluated. The City has already begun some discussions around these possibilities and will continue to keep property owners very well-informed regarding any further proposals and plans that involve the possibility of property acquisition.

    Will the value of properties be affected?

    We do not anticipate property values to be affected as a result of this project, although if there are policy decisions that affect zoning, the land uses could change over time. Typically, an investment in public infrastructure results in an increase in property desirability.