Why is the City of Regina preparing a Transit Master Plan?

    Regina recently approved a Transportation Master Plan, which provides direction for transit in Regina. The Transportation Master Plan identifies opportunities to improve the way we drive, take transit, walk and cycle around Regina. The Regina Transit Master Plan will translate this direction into actions and a long-term plan for Regina Transit and Paratransit to implement over the next 25 years.

    The City’s downtown is an important part of the transit system. Special focus will be dedicated to determining the future needs of Regina Transit and what this will mean for the downtown. 

    The paratransit system is needed by many of our residents. Through this work we will look at how we deliver these services, and areas that can be improved to better serve our residents with cognitive or physical disabilities.

    What is a Transit Master Plan?

    The Regina Transit Master Plan will identify short- and long-term improvements to the transit and paratransit system. This Plan will look at routes, service levels, and frequency of buses. We will also be looking at infrastructure improvements that are needed to support the future transit network. As a part of this project, the City will be reviewing fare collection methods and the fare structure.

    What will the City do with the information I share?

    What we learn through the two rounds of engagement will be used to prepare and finalize the Regina Transit Master Plan. 

    When will the Transit Master Plan be completed?

    The project team will present the finalized Plan to City Council in late 2021.