Cosmetic Pesticide: Non-essential use of pesticides strictly for aesthetic purposes.

Pesticide: Is any substance that is intended to kill something unwanted. This includes a variety of other subgroups including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, avicides rodenticides.

· Herbicide – Intended to kill a plant

· Insecticide – Intended to kill an insect

· Fungicide – intended to kill a fungus

· Avicide – intended to kill a bird

· Rodenticide – intended to kill a rodent

Biologicals: The use of living organisms (parasites, predators, pathogens) to eliminate, reduce or maintain pest populations to acceptable levels.

Cultural: Management practices that focus on the prevention of pests by use of proper planting, pruning, mulching, and sanitation practices.

Mechanical interruption:

· Mouse traps

· Sticky traps like tree bands

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