symbol of our values

by GSAllen,
Public art is a society's expression of its values and priorities, especially when commemmorating particular people or historic events. Sir John A. Macdonald was an important historical figure, but only one of many that could be honoured with a public statue. At a time when Canada was celebrating the centenary of its founding, it made some sense to honor JAM and his pivotal role in the development of this nation. That was then; this is now. Canadian values and ideals have shifted in the interm. We are trying to be more inclusive and no longer struggling as hard with the question of what does it mean to be "Canadian" as we were a couple of generations ago. The harm JAM did to the Indigenous Peoples of this land cannot be ignored and should not be celebrated. We have new priorities now. Let's find a way to celebrate those instead!

If the sculpture had more artistic merit I would recommend it be put in a gallery or museum where it could be appreciated as a piece of art. Unfortunately, it's not even an attractive statue. Maybe it could go live with other relics of confederation like the table in the Legislature's library? It certainly doesn't need a public place of prominence in our city. We are not our colonial past. We are more thoughtful than that!