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Developing a Nation is a massive task. Although the leadership style of 100 years ago was not as acceptable as currently there must have been massive obstacles to developing this country. The initial centre of government was East of Winnipeg and they had their own issues and were not apparently as supportive of the challenges of developing the West. Movement and communication was light years away from current situations. One would think federal governing would be (or seen to be) almost perfect by the citizens today. Currently all kinds of issues and alienation are perceived by Westerners!

Bottom line Mr. Macdonald represents all those challenges and folks that helped develop our Country within a relatively short timeline. The recognition should not be a story tale account but a saga that includes the realism of the period. Certainly the First Nations experienced some unwanted and unwarranted paternalism but in the past 100 or so years discrimination was experienced by Slavic settlers, the Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Blacks, Jews, religious groups to name a few. Currently Muslim and Jewish citizens might not be that comfortable in Canada. In the aforementioned groups I bet there are thousands of success stories. To me Mr. Macdonald symbolizes the successes, struggles and tragedies that occurred and would be appropriately displayed on legislative grounds or a heritage park which includes various symbols/statues that embody the good, bad and ugly in the formation of our Canada.

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