Moving Regina Forward

by JamieMB ,

The voices that should be central in this discussion are the voices of Indigenous people most impacted by JAM’s genocidal policies. It doesn’t matter if there are other people who think he was good or not that bad. There are many people in this city who are very racist. Go check out the comments sections on news reports about this statue or Colton Boushie’s death. It is absolutely inappropriate for the city to be taking opinions from those people on this issue and considering them as equally worthy of consideration as that of Indigenous peoples. Removing the statue will absolutely not remove JAM from history or erase history. Statues honour the one presented. History is preserved in many other ways. The privileged and the prejudices will try and convince you that JAM is not that bad or that his good qualities should be balanced against the bad. Do not listen to them. He was responsible for the racially motivated deaths of many. Would you be having a public consultation so that people could share their stories about the good qualities of a serial killer? That’s not balance, that is just an insult to the victims. Listen to them. It’s time for the privileged to shut their mouths and listen to the marginalized. That includes many on city council.