More harm than good

by Neato,

Keeping the Macdonald statue in Victoria Park alienates the people that were hurt most by his policies. If the city of Regina claims to care about and respect the Indigenous people in the community, then it makes sense to remove the statue from its place of intended celebration and put it somewhere else. Personally, I think the RCMP heritage centre would be a great fit, and people can take the time there to learn about the good AND bad that the man did in his time, as well as the good and bad things the RCMP have done. Win-win.

This is not the time to glorify an old, white, racist, dead man. There are people that have shared their thoughts on this issue that say that "without history you have no past" or whatever. To think there isn't enough written about the first prime minister of an entire country! This is the time to celebrate the diversity Regina is so proud to offer. The removal of the Macdonald statue is an amazing opportunity for the city to have Indigenous artists create something for that space! History needs more perspectives. I believe Regina can offer one that is unique and beautiful.