His legacy lives on ... sadly

by Anonymous ,

John A. wanted the Indians dead, enforced genocide, made children suffer unspeakable horrors.

To the people crying about the history being erased, it's not. The fact is John A's history still isn't being taught. He imposed a pass system on First Nations people so they couldn't hunt or get supplies. Then he forcefully refused his fellow humans food to the verge of STARVATION.

He had full control of Indian Affairs and could have changed the starvation policy, but instead he pushed it even harder.

THOUSANDS of First Nations people, including children LITERALLY STARVED TO DEATH because Macdonald wanted -- and stated in parliament that he wanted -- this to happen.

Macdonald is a monster. If you want to keep the statue up, make it clear that he was a monster, not with a little plaque but with a large sign that explains in detail why he was a monster. He imposed Indian Agents with dictatorial powers. I can't imagine how many children lived horrendous and short lives because of John A. Macdonald.

His legacy is to refer to First Nations people as savages. And I assure you that legacy lives on as we can see by all those who share their story of love for a man who had no moral issues committing genocide.

You want to keep a statue of a genocidal poltician in our city, make sure there is a large sign that says, "This man committed genocide," in large bold printing.

His legacy is that his people literally ripped screaming children from the arms of their parents to force them into schools where they would be abused in all ways. And thrown into unmarked graves.

You want to put his statue in your parks, while working towards reconciliation?

His legacy is that he banned the powwow. His legacy is that he banned Potlatches. His legacy was public executions despite Canadian laws that said they weren't allowed. His legacy was to "ethnically cleanse" the west. And his legacy is still alive as indicated by the increasing boldness of racists in today's Canada.

That statue feels scary because it is a beacon for racists, genocide sympathizers and people who believe the residential schools were good. Those kinds of people exist. Their comments flood social media. They cry about history being erased, but the harshest realities of that history isn't even being taught, and if it was most people would be disgusted ... except of course for those who aren't bothered by forcefully starving children to death, stealing children from their parents and seeing First Nations as less than human.

You keep that statue up, and you are telling the racists that those values align with Regina's values.

ACTUALLY TELL people why you're removing the statue. Don't sugarcoat the history. "This man wanted the Indians dead. This man enforced genocide. This man made children suffer unspeakable horrors. We cannot forget his legacy. And we cannot celebrate that legacy."