John A McDonald helped create Canada through the Railway

by Hudson Bay Railway,
I feel throughout the talks of what built Canada is the Railway.There r two ports in Canada that ship goods back and forth.The port of Churchill and Thunder Bay .I am a Metis Citizen.I think as people's we have to look at who we r today and move forward.It was The Canadian Railway that made me and John A MacDonald created it.My father was Ukrainian and German.He left school at a young age because he was abused by the teacher.He gained seniority on the CN Rail from working up north on the CN.He became successful and a Roadmaster of two locations.My father married my mother because she knew how to cook and clean animals.Alot of First Nation people worked for the CNR and Metis Children were created.I do not think we should remove the statue.I think we should all b thankful of who we r today. We should b thankful for John A MacDonald and the Railway.