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History belongs in the text books

This is such an incredibly simple issue. The statue causes Indigenous peoples pain and forces them to relive their trauma. Some white folks have confused statues as places to learn about history. I majored in social studies at the UofR and can tell you that not once did I use a statue as a source for learning. We have libraries, schools, and museums for this exact reason.

If our city is serious about following its commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, they will take down the statue. This is an excellent first step to show commitment to the TRC and excellent practice of decolonizing our city.

Macdonald lied, cheated, and screwed over most folks while in office. The statue came up past his time and it now creates a false narrative of our history. His statue does more to rewrite and erase history by immortalizing him as a man to be remembered and recognized. Taking it down will acknowledge the harm he has done. Leaving it up will all the harm to continue.

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