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Good, bad or indifferent history cannot be erased -- so why try -- learn from it instead!

by Beaver,
The statue was put in Victoria Park for a reason at the time - and it was not to celebrate the bad but to acknowledge the important role Sir John A MacDonald's leadership played in the development of our country and the better qualify of life we all enjoy now. With hindsight mistakes were made as much history around the world shows?

I'm not an indigenous descendant but am a descendant of Canadian born parents of Eastern European descent and had verbal discrimination in job interviews due to my surname.

Our country and people's attitudes have come a long way from Sir John A. MacDonald's time and must continue but it is not accomplished by hiding statues. Victoria Park is an appropriate place for Sir John A. MaDonald statue due to the proximity of original federal buildings (Federal Building at corner of Victoria and Scarth St., the Old Post Office building, etc.). If it must be moved it should go to an appropriate place like Government House, RCMP property, or other such place where it can be appreciated by tourists and others who are interested in the history of statues.

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