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Everyone has a backstory, good or bad

by Jaydubbya ,

We all think we know history, as some was taught and some was lived through; however, there are always 2 sides of every story. This is a little something I bet most didn’t know. While he presided over mass die-offs of Plains First Nations, he also proposed giving aboriginals the vote more than 70 years before it actually occurred in 1960. Macdonald gets much of the heat for a national policy that would have profoundly negative impacts on First Nations, and he was at the helm when thousands of prairie aboriginals succumbed to disease and starvation. But in 1885 he attempted to pass a bill that would have given Indians the vote. As Macdonald outlined in an 1885 letter to Ojbwa chief Peter Edmund Jones, he said he supported placing Indians on “a footing of equality with the white brethren.”

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