Agreed; get rid of the statue!

by Richards,
North Central has been a ghetto for decades, yet the city deems it necessary to create a "safe space" to promote this debate; a complete waste of money in my opinion.

The removal of the statue is nothing unique or special. Such removals are happening in places that have progressed far enough to understand that colonial monuments are archaic and perpetuate incomplete historical narratives.

Some small minds will likely drone on about history being stolen or otherwise disappearing as though the statue were a pillar of reality itself. To those who do; don't worry it's not. History isn't disappearing, but hopefully archaic understandings of it will.

I've long noticed the abjectly poor, racist treatment of indigenous people in this city. I hope this discussion is the starting point of some real effort to make change (and to force it if necessary).

Removing the statue is a small step, but at least the city took that direction for now. Progress needs to be made in a persistent manner to engage with Indigenous residents and to make all efforts towards being more inclusive and understanding. Jobs and economic inclusion are necessary. Empathy would go a long way for now