What is intensification?

    Intensification is the construction of new buildings or additions to existing buildings within established built-up areas of Regina, such as:

    • Development on vacant land
    • Additions to existing dwellings
    • Redevelopment of existing dwellings or sites into new uses

    The phrase ‘infill development’ is sometimes used interchangeably with ‘intensification’. While they are related, they are a bit different. Infill is generally any development that occurs within existing areas, while intensification results in more residential units or an increase in area of commercial, institutional or office resulting from the new development.

    For example: if you demolished one single family dwelling within an established area and replaced it with another single family dwelling it would be considered infill. If you replaced it with a fourplex it would be considered an infill project that results in intensification as there are more units than there were originally.