Residential Waste Diversion Program

Prior to implementing a residential, year-round food and yard waste collection and processing service, the City ran a one-year pilot project from September 2020 to 2021 to test, evaluate and revise any service details before city-wide implementation. On November 24, City Council approved the implementation plan for the city-wide curbside and alleyway food and yard waste collection and processing in fall 2023. It included:

  • A 240-litre green cart to collect the material 
  • All food scraps, including meat, bones, dairy and greases, yard waste and soiled paper (paper towel, cardboard and tissues) can go into the green cart which will divert roughly 50 per cent of the waste that is currently going into the garbage in Regina
  • Residents can use compostable bags
  • Green carts will be collected weekly between April and October and biweekly between November and March; Brown garbage will be collected biweekly year-round
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