How do I sign up for Be Heard Regina?

Registration is easy and confidential.

Join the conversation by creating a user name and password. You’ll be asked for the following information to sign up and create an account:

  1. Your First and Last Name – Your name will not be displayed but we do require it for registration purposes. Only your user name will be displayed with your comments.
  2. Email – You’ll get updates on projects you’ve given feedback on and learn about similar opportunities.
  3. Postal code – This ensures you’re aware of opportunities that affect your neighbourhood.

Once you have registered, a confirmation link will be sent to you from Engagement HQ via email.

After confirming the registration email, you will be able to participate as part of the Be Heard Regina Community.

What if I don’t get the confirmation email?

If you don’t get the confirmation email with 10 minutes, be sure to check your junk and spam folders. If no email from Engagement HQ is present, please contact support@engagementhq.com for help.

How do I provide input?

Be Heard Regina will host a variety of engagement opportunities that you will be able to provide feedback on.

Some of them will require you to register in full (name, email, postal code), some may be anonymous, and others may ask for just an email and user name.

We suggest that you register in full so that you can participate in any type of future engagement opportunities.

Why is the City of Regina using an online public engagement platform? 

Digital engagement complements traditional public engagement activities such as open houses, public meetings or sending a letter to Council. Moving conversations online adds more convenience and allows you to give input on City of Regina projects and ideas when it works best for you.

Why do I need to sign up to provide input?

By signing up, you can stay up to date on projects you’ve already given feedback on and receive emails on similar feedback opportunities.

A registration process also helps build the community of interested residents and provides those registered with automatic notification of any City of Regina engagement opportunity.

Can I use this site anonymously?

All registered Be Heard Regina users are identified only through their user name. Real names and other information are not visible to other users as long as you don't use your first or last name to form your user name.

Real names and other information are not associated with survey responses or any other type of feedback.

Bang the Table Pty Ltd hosts this website on behalf of the City of Regina. Please refer to the Terms of Use.

What happens to my input?

All input is collected and sent directly to the project team to inform its work.

Note: All comments submitted to Be Heard Regina become public records.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. The City of Regina will only use the email address you sign up with to send project updates and other engagement opportunities. Your email address will not be distributed to any third party or used for any other purpose outside of the Be Heard Regina online community.

For more information, see our Be Heard Regina Privacy Policy.

Who can I contact about Be Heard Regina?

Be Heard Regina is managed by the City of Regina’s Citizen Experience, Innovation & Performance Division.

For questions regarding a specific project, contact the project manager listed under “Who’s Listening” on the project page.

Have a technical question? Contact support@engagementhq.com

Have a different type of City-related question? Submit a service request to the City of Regina. Visit Regina.ca/servicerequest.

Who developed the engagement platform and how was it selected?

Be Heard Regina was developed by Bang the Table Pty Ltd. and was selected through the City of Regina’s standard procurement process. The City issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) in December 2018 seeking proponents with significant experience in implementing online community engagement solutions for municipalities.

Why was Bang the Table selected as the successful vendor for Be Heard Regina?

Bang the Table’s Engagement HQ software is used by several Canadian cities. It offers a secure, convenient and accessible solution for citizens to participate and provide input on municipal policy development and decisions that impact them directly.

How is the site moderated?

Discussion tools are moderated 24/7 by Bang the Table on behalf of the City of Regina.

Moderators and the City of Regina will not edit submissions. Input may be removed if it is significantly off topic, inappropriate or disrespectful. If input is removed, the user will receive an email why and will be invited to resubmit appropriate input.

What if I disagree with my comment being removed?

Contact support@engagementhq.com and tell us why your comment should be accepted. Moderators, or in some cases, the City of Regina, will make the final decision.

Can the City of Regina remove input because they don’t like it?

No. All input is moderated for inappropriate language, disrespectful comments, and off topic discussions. If the City of Regina feels a comment has breached the moderation rules, a review will be requested and the user will receive notification via email.

Can I anonymously report a comment?

Yes. If a comment on the site uses inappropriate language, is disrespectful to other participants, or is significantly off topic, use the “alert moderator” link next to the comment to anonymously report it.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked from Be Heard Regina?

Users that repeatedly break moderation rules will be blocked from Be Heard Regina. The user will receive an email outlining why.

Is the City of Regina moderating responses?

No. All moderation is done by Bang the Table for the City of Regina. All input is moderated for inappropriate language, disrespectful comments, and off topic discussions. If the City of Regina feels a comment has breached the moderation rules, a review will be requested and the user will receive notification via email.

View the Moderation Policy.

How does moderation deal with comments that suggest a person is at risk or harming themselves or other?

Moderators are trained to identify comments that contain references to self-harm and or threats of violence and crime. Comments that mention or promote this behaviour will be removed and escalated for further review and passed on to the City of Regina for further action, if required. Any further action will be at the discretion of the City, including referrals to law enforcement, primary health or first responder services. If you notice comments of this nature, please email support@engagementhq.com.