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Summary of Survey Results

More than 1,300 Regina residents have shared what services and budget considerations are most important to them as the City continues to plan the 2022 Budget. View summary.

As with pre-budget consultation in previous years, road construction and repair remained the highest ranked priority among respondents, with 73 per cent placing it within their top three spending priorities. Public safety/crime/policing retained the spot of second highest priority overall, at 67 per cent. At 48 per cent overall, recreation/culture facilities was the third ranked priority for respondents, replacing snow clearing which held that spot last year.

Respondents participating in the 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation indicated that maintaining or increasing capital spending (57 per cent) and reducing residential property taxes (55 per cent) continue to be top considerations respondents want Council decision-making to be guided by. This year, focus was again placed on understanding the impact of COVID-19 as well as other emerging issues important to residents.

Among new and emerging priorities, 54 per cent of respondents ranked investments in community-based safety and wellness initiatives within their top three. Economic development incentives were prioritized by 46 per cent, followed by investments to address homelessness at 45 per cent.

Pre-Budget 2022 consultation was held from July 14 to August 6.

A 2022 Budget update will next be presented to the Executive Committee at its October 20 meeting. The proposed 2022 Budget is scheduled to be released in late November and reviewed by Council on December 15. The City will shift to multi-year budgeting for 2023/24. This approach will make it easier to determine more long-term budget impacts and will reduce administrative expenses related to annual budget preparation.

Consultation has concluded

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